Our Vision

To nurture curious, creative and critical thinking citizens of tomorrow



We love how all children have a strong sense of wonder to know the world around. But somehow, it fades with the passing of time. We want them to be curious for life!



The sense of wonder often leads to the creation of new ideas. We want students to never stop exploring and make mistakes only to learn from them.


Critical Thinking

Asking questions is perhaps the single most important thing that we can teach our young ones. They should be observant and justify opinions with evidence.

Our Mission

To nurture curious, creative and critical thinking citizens of tomorrow using Math and Science

The aim is to make science and math interesting, exciting and fun for all, while developing thinking abilities through logic and reason. We encourage conceptual understanding through hands-on experience using models, experiments and projects. The goal is to make learning a joyful experience for our school community and to spread the culture of science and scientific investigation.

What Aavishkaar Does?

Aavishkaar develops high quality content in science and math for 6 th to 12th grades in a language that our learning community understands. Special attention is paid to making the content hands-on with models, experiments and materials that are local and low-cost while making everyday life connections. The classroom experience is made interesting and exciting with content that is shows relevance, context and history bringing out the big picture in the concepts (and small details too!).