Designing Effective Content

Researching Ways to Make Math and Science Fun and Exciting!

Aavishkaar intends to make learning a joyful experience. We want to nurture the curious, creative and critical thinking young scholars. Through years of our experience in teaching, we have learnt that the true joy of Math and Science is hidden from children. The words Math and Science bring fear to the face of most students. They helplessly give in to rote learning to do well in exams but are unable to appreciate the wonders of exploration, experimentation and reasoning.
We realized that most students in our country do not have access to content that would hold their attention. Moreover, the classrooms operate on the conventional norms of fun-less teaching, zero peer-to-peer interaction, and textbook oriented learning.

We at Aavishkaar strive to address this problem. Over years, we have created content modules that are experiential and intellectually stimulating. Using hands-on techniques and many experiments, we not only take the lab to the classroom, but also ignite the much needed spark of curiosity in the young scholars around us.
We thoroughly research on Math and Science concepts that are taught in middle and high school, and develop content that uses story-telling, experiments, observations, and critical thinking to achieve the goal of concept clarity. Such treatment of content opens room to develop a mindset for logic and reasoning, problem solving, self-reliance, team work, and most importantly inculcates a culture of scientific inquiry.


The Recipe of Joyful Learning!


What's learning without any FUN?

We use locally available material to design our classroom content. The aim is not only to simplify concepts but to also make learning fun. By making content that’s exciting, we are able to spark curiosity and make students question the 'Why' of things.

Let's make things more INTERESTING!

There is a widespread misbelief that interest in Math and Science comes from within. We at Aavishkaar challenge this notion. We believe that the lack of interest exists because no one has tried to explain it to a child in an interesting manner. It’s not children who are not interested, but we teachers who have failed to make things interesting for children.


A bit of CONTEXT to add more flavor!

We ensure that all our content provides a historical context to the subject in discussion. Not telling students the history of theories, scientists, mathematicians, failures and achievements in Science, is like starting a story without the beginning. Abrupt introduction of concepts does not allow children to make connect with what they have previously learnt. As a result, they also fail to remember most concepts.

Bring RELEVANCE to the table!

How will it help children to know endless details about atoms and molecules without knowing how that knowledge can help them solve real world problems? We strongly believe in reinforcing concepts by using real life examples and explanations. It helps when the content is customized to address the needs of the class.