Our Support Partners

Aavishkaar is a program of Phoolan Devi Thakurdass Karol Charitable Trust (PDTKC) and Aavishkaar Yatraa. The PDTKC trust supports under-served communities to get access to healthcare and education. The Rotary Foundation, Teklink International and Asha for Education have generously supported many Aavishkaar programs to provide access to high quality hands-on Math and Science to under-served communities. We are also grateful to TFIx, a program of Teach for India, for supporting us in developing a fellowship model of our own.


Our Learning Partners

We have reached out to hundreds of young children to nurture their appreciation for Math and Science with the support of our learning partners. With support from Nari Gunjan, an organization that works for the upliftment of the Musahar community in Bihar, we have managed to organize Science and Math camps for adolescent girls who barely have any access to quality education. We have also partnered with KarmMarg, Delhi to spread the joy of learning Math and Science to their students. Local organizations like Deer Park (Bir), Jagori (Rakkad), Nishtha (Rakkad), Sahaj (Bir) have offered self-less support and are close friends of Aavishkaar.